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I just submitted a support request ticket to WebFaction (where I host my website), asking a question about setting up Apache with mod_wsgi and Python 2.6. Of course, when I submit such a ticket, I have some level of concern, and I expect some level of feeling more informed, confident, and generally better about my setup and solution once I get a response. I just realised that I felt that surge of assurance as soon as my ticket submitted—my experiences with their tech support, and my impressions of their customer relations culture, have been so universally positive that I don’t need to see a reply to feel confident that they’ll help me out; I just need to know that they got my request and they will take care of me.

Given how irritable I can be with tech support in general, this is pretty much a miracle of geek-oriented customer relations; this is one of the reasons why I’m happy with WebFaction, and this is why I’m perfectly happy to embrace some brand loyalty. I’m not saying that they are the right fit for everyone, but if you’re a web developer with a geeky bent, and if they offer the particular services you need (or if you’re OK installing it yourself in your ~/local), then it’s hard to go wrong with them. (I don’t know what their uptime guarantee is; my website isn’t exactly high-profile or demanding. I do know that I haven’t experienced any downtime in the two years I’ve been with them.)


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